About Us

EUROSCIENCE is a world leader in providing the engineering solutions for medical gas treatment. We were the pioneer in the development and manufacturing of this very specific equipment. Our CARBOMED Division designed the world's very first portable apparatus REABOX™, that allows to produce combined multi-gas procedures, has a digital microcontroller, and where the patient can sit comfortably inside. Several inventions, patents, and doctorate dissertations are our road marks for this venture. Hundreds of apparatus REABOX™ were sold, and had saved the health and lives of countless patients. Certainly this is the best award for us.

In 1998 EUROSCIENCE established a new DIGIWELD Division which is responsible for welding engineering. For the first year of operation we completed several theoretical researches and analyses. Also, we developed new methods and computer programs for designing welding power transformers and implemented these innovations in practical usage. Now it is possible to design well optimized transformers considerably faster than before. Furthermore, a new invention was done in the field of high current transformers. EUROSCIENCE has designed a tiny digital controller for portable and hand-held welding machines that provides the same performance as its "big brothers" for a fraction of their cost.

EUROSCIENCE is privately held, San Diego, California based company. Our subsidiaries operate in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation. They manufacture and provide the annual maintenance of REABOX™ - the world's best apparatus for medical dry gas treatment. In the United States EUROSCIENCE runs its headquarters, the research and development office, a design verification lab, and prototyping facilities.


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