REABOXTM - one of the latest inventions in the world of modern medicine

For many centuries the generations of physicians successfully used gases to treat their patients. These doctors utilized the different gases found in nature such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. Each gas has its own specific properties and different effects on the body systems. The usage of gases is a powerful remedy that provides excellent results in the treatment of many human diseases, disorders, and overstresses. 

However, there are problems that severely affect the efficiency of the gas treatment. The most important is the inability of the gases to penetrate through the skin. Mother Nature has designed the human skin as an excellent protective layer. This vital circumstance became the main impediment for the medical usage of gases. In order to overcome this obstacle physicians began to use gases with water baths. Unfortunately for traditional water based methods of gas treatment the results may be negligible due to specific effects of water baths. Despite this diminishing circumstance the water based gas treatment methods are widely used throughout the European countries. Many famous balneal and physiotherapeutic clinics and resorts offer natural or artificial gaseous baths as they existed for decades. Nevertheless, improving the efficiency of gaseous treatment was the goal and a dream for many years. 

Finally, the EUROSCIENCE engineers had solved these problems in 1987 and designed an automated apparatus for dry gas treatment, REABOX™. This is the world's very first apparatus of gas treatment that allows patient to comfortably sit inside. The usage of a digital microcontroller ensures a high quality and repeatability of results. A semiconductor chip maintains all the parameters of medical procedure at a very stable and precise, prescribed levels. The next discovery was the development of the method of radon usage in waterless gas treatment, which was done for the first time in the field of medicine. This was a revolutionary step in medical practice. Also, EUROSCIENCE was the first in designing a medical apparatus for the usage of two or more gases simultaneously. This invention as well as others were patented. 

REABOX™ is a low cost portable machine that does not require special room for installation and is very easy in usage and maintenance. Since 1987 hundreds of REABOX™ were sold and are working in clinics, resorts, sanatoriums, doctor's offices, health, and sport clubs.

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