Digiweld Introduces a Phase Controller with a Soft Start, Digital Synchronization, and Overcurrent Protection for Resistance Welding Machines

San Diego, CA -- August 16, 1999 -- Digiweld, division of Euroscience today announced the introduction of the PCSS, a low cost phase shifting controller with a soft start, digital synchronization, and overcurrent protection that provides simple, reliable, low cost welding controls that can handle demanding welding tasks.

The PCSS phase controller, designed and tested in 1998, enables its users to gain high accuracy and linearity of heat control that is required by today's welding technology. Advanced modern digital electronics guarantees precise and repeatable results. Uniform, predictable, consistent welds are repeated over and over again - that is what the PCSS was designed for.

The PCSS utilizes the most advanced auto compensating design that allows the system to automatically compensate for variations of electrical parameters without using any additional elements for stabilization. This feature is exceptionally helpful when welding conditions vary from weld to weld, such as in an auto body repair shop.

Progressive modern electronic technologies like solid state devices and surface mount components allow Digiweld to create the smallest (just about 10 cubic inches), yet powerful (up to 30 kVA) controller with an extremely low internal power dissipation, high reliability and maintenance free operation.

Digiweld's new controller is a single phase device for line voltage up to 240 V and is also able to control electrical current up to 125 A with high linearity. The overcurrent protection circuit threshold can be adjusted to the desired level. PCSS does not contain any sparking mechanical contacts or other wearable parts.

Operator's interface for PCSS is very friendly and simple, containing just two knobs and the start button. With the first knob the welding current is set, and with the second one the welding time can be adjusted. The button and the knobs can be mounted at a distance from the controller for easy installation into the welding machine.

Measuring 2.28 x 2.28 x 1.95 inches (58 x 58 x 50 mm) without knobs and start button, the PCSS phase controller weighs only 8 ounces (225 grams) which makes it especially suitable for portable and hand-held welding machines.

Digiweld is a privately-held, San Diego, California - based welding technology company specializing in research, design, and development of electronic and electrical welding equipment and consulting services.


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