PCSS - The Phase Controller with a Soft Start, Digital Synchronization, and Overcurrent Protection for Resistance Welding Machines

The PCSS is the smallest controller on the market which meets the requirements of today's welding technology. It may be used with almost any single phase line voltages and frequencies around the world. The current switching capacity can provide a welding current (in transformer secondary circuit) up to 10000 A. This is sufficient for majority of practical applications. A soft start ensure smooth operation, reduced sparking, and lengthens the life of all parts of the welding machines. Digital synchronization provides an excellent repeatability of the welds and a high linearity of current adjustment. The fast overcurrent protection permanently monitors the line current and may serve as a maximal current limiting circuit. In many cases this feature allows to eliminate the cumbersome and slow circuit breaker. The tiniest dimensions and weight are especially suitable for portable and hand-held machines. The nostalgic analog interface allows an operator to change the welding parameters without even looking at the controls.


Power Source AC, single phase
Line Voltage up to 240 Vrms
Line Current up to 125 Arms*
Welding Power up to 30 kVA
Current Adjustment Range 10 - 100 %
Welding Time Range 1 - 35 cycles
Phase Synchronization Accuracy
SSR Isolation Voltage 4000 Vrms
Width 2.28" (58 mm)
Length 2.28" (58 mm)
Height 1.95" (50 mm)
Volume 10 inch³ (164 cm³)
Weight 8 oz (225 g)
Operating Temperature Range 5 - 80ºC
* Depending on application current range can be extended up to 200-250 A.


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