RW-2000 - Portable Resistance Welding Machine

RW-2000 is a portable benchtop machine for the resistance welding of metal parts. This small yet powerful welder was designed for the low and medium production volume shops. It utilizes DIGIWELD's PCSS phase controller, which allows RW-2000 to perform equally well on small and bigger parts. The high phase resolution of PCSS guarantees excellent and repeatable results even for the tiniest parts as well as for the welding of two parts with a big difference in sizes. This is especially valuable for jewelry shops.

RW-2000 employs a compact size welding transformer designed by DIGIWELD's proprietary technology which permits to gain a higher output current with smaller dimensions and weight. Despite of its petite measurements RW-2000 provides enough power for melting a stainless steel ball a quarter of an inch in diameter without a significant temperature rise of the transformer. The RW-2000 welding machine is an excellent alternative to traditional fastening for many applications.


Power Source 120 V, AC
Welding Current (with shorted 1ft cables) up to 2000 A
Current Adjustment Range 10 - 100 %
Welding Time Range 1 - 35 cycles
Phase Synchronization Accuracy
Output Cables AWG 2, 1ft
Width 7.5" (190 mm)
Height 6" (152 mm)
Length 9.25" (235 mm)
Weight 15 lb (6.8 kg)
Operating Temperature Range 5 - 80ºC


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